The benefits

Less staff work, better guest experience

Use automation to skip the manual work and actually spend more time with guests.

Remove Manual Staff Work

Modern day hotels still do everything by hand, leading to huge inefficiencies. We enable your staff to find more time for your guests instead of doing staff work manually.

Increase Upsell Revenue gives hotels the power to drive revenue with data-driven insights. Automate upsell revenue pre-arrival, during check-in and when guests are in house.

Connect With Staff From Everywhere allows your guests to access the services that your hotel offers at all times. An extra staff member in their pockets makes your services accessible everywhere.

Reduce Operational Costs

Our system allows you to cut back on key cards, staff costs and frees up time for a better service. All features are built to make your hotel operation more efficient while making guests autonomous.

Improve the Guest experience

Your staff will spend a lot more time with guests to offer a personal experience. Your guests can seamlessly manage all aspects of their stay whenever and where ever they want.

Fully Integrated Dashboard

Directly connected to your PMS, manage and monitor the guest app and it's data via our high-end admin dashboard.

Continuous Updates & Upgrades!

We are always updating the software in the background and using the latest cutting-edge technologies. No more outdated software.

The Next Generation

Web-Based Guest App

Make your app one of a kind with our fully customizable CMS to create a unique guest experience. Your app will be a Progressive Web App which means that guests don't have to download it.

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Online Check-in

Go digital and create a seamless arrival process! Guests can check-in online through a unique weblink send directly to their phones. They complete pre-filled details, select add-ons and receive their roomkey upon arrival.

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Instant access

Mobile Room-key

Reduce plastic cards and make guests autonomous. Each guest will automatically be assigned a mobile roomkey for the length of their stay. Guests can acces their roomkey without a download needed.

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Engage with Guests

Digital Concierge

Guests can manage every part of their stay directly from their own phones. From accessing information, booking activities to ordering room service. A virtual staff member is always with them to improve their experience.

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Ready in 1 week.

Get Started!

Create a high-end guest app together with our design team within 1 week. It will be fully branded and made unique for your specifications.

Meet with our team to discuss the details of your dream app. We will run through all the modules (features) your guest app should include, along with the relevant integrations that are needed.
Choose the theme, structure and overall design of the app in collaboration with one of our designers.
Your app will be live within 1 week, it will then be fully integrated with your Hotel Management System (PMS) and can be managed and controlled from the complementary Admin Dashboard.

Our Team

An all-star ensemble, ready to deliver your favorite piece of hotel software.

Derek v. Zwijnsbergen

Co-Founder & CTO

Tjibbe Beckers

Co-Founder & CCO

Kelli Wilson

Business Development Support

Yannick Soepnel

Back-end developer

Mike Wu

Software Developer

Paulo Guesau

Software Developer

Marthe Fruytier

Head Marketing & Operations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to ask something from us?

Here our most frequently asked questions. You can otherwise send us an email at

Guests are sent a pre-arrival email with an access link, so they can use the app directly in their browser from any device. However, guests can also download the app from their browser as a PWA (Progressive Web App) as if it were downloaded from the App Store. Your hotel also has the option of putting the app on the App Store if that is prefered.
After signing up, we provide each hotel with their own admin portal, hotels can communicate with their guests and customize the guest app through this portal. Moreover, the portal can be used to update content in real time, with just a few clicks.
Security and data privacy are one of our main priorities. We are GDPR compliant and use a privacy by design approach and application security to keep your guest app safe and protected.
No, the guest app is based on the BYOD (bring your own device) principle. That way, your guests access and use it via their own devices. After all, that’s the most hygienic and convenient solution for your guests. You can reach them no matter where and don’t have to invest in hardware and maintenance.
A team of programmers and experienced tech managers. We are a young startup looking to engage in win-win partnerships to introduce next-generation guest software to the hospitality sector.
We are looking for early adopters and launching partners in our new markets. Whether you're a hotel / hotelchain, or hospitality software, we are looking to build a custom app for your customers at a low cost in return for an awesome win-win partnership. Get in touch if you're interested in becoming one of our launching partners!